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A series of Nyx themed enchantment lands I came up with. I love the idea thematically, and honestly I am surprised we haven’t seen enchantments lands yet. (Journey into Nyx maybe?) If we do see them, I doubt they will have basic land types, and I am sure they will have a custom frame, but I love the non-basic, typed, cycle in shadowmoor, and I like the idea of seeing what a forest in the land of the gods would be. The flavor on these could maybe be developed further though, the names are just placeholders. Coming up with thematic abilities that aren’t broken on lands was difficult. The forest is my favorite, capturing the hunt nicely. I think the swamp also captures the underworld feel, and blue feels good for Thassa’s domain.

Red wand white I were a bit less happy with. I was reluctant to put burn on land though it might be thematically correct here, so I want with the idea of forging and tempering as they could relate to the hand. I am not exactly sure what Helios’ domain would do thematically. His support of the mortal world seemed like a good idea for an effect, so that is how creature buffing came in.

The big weaknesses here are obviously the lack of an immediate effect, coming into play tapped and being susceptible to enchantment removal. Your opponent will get a shot at sorcery removal before you can get an effect, even if you have the requisite devotion.

there wont be enchantment lands, mark rosewater said it was very unlikely since artifact lands went so wrong….

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When everyone but you is playing Blue



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Magic goes Bro


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That is awesome Xx

winter orb ult? thats hilarious……


That is awesome Xx

winter orb ult? thats hilarious……

January 5, 2014

Went to the LGS to hang out and kill some time, and it turned out some one there was having a birthday party draft! No entrance fee, official DCI event, but the birthday boy got all the cards in the end.

ended up going 3-1 with my Black Blue Red deck (drafted all of RTR) and won myself 2 packs as 4th place! 

2 free packs are always great!

December 30, 2013

i find it funny how i never once pulled a single shock land in all of RTR, yet i have pulled 3 of the 5 scry lands so far in theros and 2 of the 3 walkers….and thoughtseize…

and ive definitely opened less than 20 theros packs and well over 50 RTR…

December 29, 2013
Fat pack rare/foil pulls. Half decent fat pack if I do say so myself

Fat pack rare/foil pulls. Half decent fat pack if I do say so myself

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Just saw the hobbit: desolation of smaug

And EVERY time I heard them say thorin’s name I kept thinking “Thorin, lord of innistrad…..”

Then I felt über nerdy and killed myself

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Building Sliver Overlord EDH….

why am i doing this. i need to buy so many damn cards….